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If you are looking for a Luang Prabang tour guide, Xangnoi is one of the top guides in Laos. Whenever there’s a Government VIP in town, Xangnoi is often called in for the job, as he is fluent in English and very professional. From presidents, ministers, ambassadors, dignitaries, film crews, and tourists, Xangnoi is guaranteed to take you to some amazing places and get you home safely again.

He studied to be a monk for 12 years where he learnt his English, and for the past 15 years he’s been guiding people to some of the more remote corners of  Laos.

As he knows most of the country like the back of his hand, he also doubles as a Lao line and fixer crew member for international film crews shooting movies or documentaries in Laos.

He’s also the chief liaison officer, for a global emergency rescue company, that contracts to multinational insurance companies, whose clients have met with an accident in Laos.

As an experienced motorcyclist, he’s guided many adventure trail bike groups or European BMW tours, all over Laos.

Believe us, with over 20 years trail bike riding across the region a lot can go wrong very quickly in remote areas, where nobody speaks English, and if you are injured, end up in hospital and your bike is unrideable, you need someone you can trust to sort it out fast.

When he’s not guiding or filming, you’ll find Xang at his restaurant and music bar Nam Ou Café & Kayaks, about 30 clicks north of Luang Prabang on route N13 on the way to Nong Khiaw.

Makes an ideal halfway stop for a beer or a meal, you can even camp the night there on the lake shore.

     Xang leading a tour under the Pha Hung cliff, where the Nam Ou flows into the Mekong River

       Xang and the beautiful jungle clad mountains of Laos that seem to roll on forever

       Xang has guided adventure bike tours all over Laos