Nam Ou Café & Kayaks Restaurant & Music Bar

Nam Ou Café & Kayaks, Ban Huay Lo, M-Pakou, road N 13, Houay Lo, (co-ords 5858+V2 Houay Lo).  5858+V2 Houay Lo, Laos

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Nam Ou Café & Kayaks Restaurant & Music Bar was started in February 2022 by Xangnoi and Geoff, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, about 30 kms north of Luang Prabang on the banks of the Nam Ou lake formed by the new dam. 

It has thrived ever since serving cold beer Lao and fabulous Lao food dished up by Xang’s wife Noi.

You can camp the night there on the edge of the lake and watch the moon rise from your tent, or go for a kayak or swim in the lake.

It’s very popular with motorcyclists and tourists going to Nong Khiaw for a coffee, food and bathroom stop.