What You Need To Bring:

For Day Trips


  • Passport with a minimum of 6 months before expiry date and one blank page for the Lao visa, along with 2 passport sized photos, and Lao immigration form (can download here Lao-immigration-visa-entry-form 150×260 and then print it out in colour). Scan your passport, photo, air tickets, insurance, etc and upload to the cloud before you leave home in case they are needed for any emergencies


  • Travel insurance for all tours is mandatory. If you turn up at any of our tours without travel/medical insurance you will not be allowed on the trip, and it may be really difficult and or expensive for you to get back down the river to Luang Prabang


  • Day back-pack for swimming gear, towel, sunscreen etc


  • Ziploc bags for protecting passport, wallet, mobile phone, camera, charger, etc then place in a dry-bag we supply


  • We carry a comprehensive first-aid kit, but you must bring your own medication and prescriptions for any meds  you are taking, as they will not be available on the trip


  • Sun Hat, sun screen, mosquito repellent cream or spray as a precaution when sitting outside in the evenings


  • Swim suit (Ladies – please respect the conservative Lao village culture where swimsuits or sarongs are preferred rather than bikinis)


For Overnight Tours – bring the above (excluding day back-pack) plus:


  • Soap, towel and toilet paper


  • Flash light or Torch


  • Bring something warm to wear in the evenings with long sleeves, as it can occasionally get very cold at nights if travelling between Nov to Feb



  • Snacks, fruit or soft drinks to eat while on the river (can be bought on public boat or in the villages)


  • If kayaking and you have softer “computer hands” suggest fingerless gym gloves or similar (not leather) to prevent any blisters


  • Lip balm, sunglasses, sunglass retainer straps, camera, etc


  • Gifts for the local schools – pencils, ball-point pens, exercise books, soccer balls, simple toys, etc are very much appreciated. Please do not give them money


Immunisation advice for Laos:

  • Suggest you are vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B and also Tetanus for any travel in South East Asia


Phone & Power Requirements in Laos & Thailand:

  • For much of the trip you’ll be unplugged from the 3 & 4G network with no phone or internet, relax and enjoy the fabulous scenery, or catch up on some reading


  • Bring your camera and phone charger but make sure it can handle the 220V/50Hz Laos and Thai electricity supply first. Plug adaptor for sockets types A, B, or C, are used in both Laos and Thailand
    Type A electrical plug for Laos and Thailand

    Type A electrical plug for Laos and Thailand

  •  If you have a 12 volt USB charging adaptor, you can charge your phone or tablet on the boat


ATMs & Currency Exchange:

  • There are many currency exchanges in Luang Prabang and now also several ATMs dispensing Lao Kip or LAK. Maximum you can withdraw at one time is 1,000,000 kip (~US$125) and up to 10,000,000 kip per day


  • Can freely use Thai Baht, US$ or Lao kip. Best to carry small denomination Thai Baht or UD$ notes, and exchange in Luang Prabang for kip

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