Unforgettable experience, highlight of our SE Asia trip

Our family of 4 plus 2 girlfriends did the one over night trip. We were boated 60 kms up the Mekong to get to the village that we were visiting. Along the way we stopped at 2 villages where Mekong Kayaks had helped improve the schools. We had a delicious meal on the boat. The owner of the boat was considered the captain in the village and his whole extended family was on the boat helping.
We had a guide Xang who was very enjoyable, and informative and spoke excellent English which was great because the villagers spoke very few words of English.
We were so warmly received. Only 3 houses in the village have electricity and I was so grateful that the house we stayed in had a fan. We took a memorable 45 min hike to the stream which was the source of their electricity. My sandals were so slippery that our guide gave me his sandals!

Afterwards we played the card game called “memory” or Concentration” with the younger kids in the village. Perfect because it required no English. There are no decks of cards in Laos so we left them our deck.

After a simple but delicious dinner we experienced a welcome ceremony. Anyone from the village was welcomed but mainly the elders came. There was music and a drinking game. We were treated to a few dances by the younger kids. Then they taught us how to do their dance. The local religious leader did a blessing and we participated in the Baci ceremony. We were each given a plate of food, peeled a hard boiled egg and shared i

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