Café Croissant d’Or for the best fresh croissants and coffee in Luang Prabang


For a fabulous breakfast go to Café Croissant d’Or for the best fresh croissants and coffee breakfast in Luang Prabang. It’s just 50m NE past Tangor Bistro on the opposite side of the road.

There are many places offering a breakfast of freshly baked croissants and coffee for sale in Luang Prabang, but most are baked and purchased elsewhere and most often, are not as fresh as they should be.


Cafe Croissant d'Or croissant and Lao coffee

Café Croissant d’Or for the best fresh croissants and Lao coffee in Luang Prabang


Café Croissant d’Or is different, they bake fresh every morning on the premises, and their croissants are just superb. Golden brown with flaky pastry on the outside and rich, buttery and sticky soft on the inside. Dipped in strong, black Lao coffee they are simply delicious or in Lao saep lai.

Lao coffee is a glass full of strong black coffee with about 1 cm of sweetened condensed milk at the bottom, and if you are a coffee freak, a couple of them will set you up for the day.


Croissant and Lao coffee

A fabulous breakfast of fresh baked golden croissants and strong Lao coffee with sweet milk


Despite the sometimes indifferent service, a fabulous breakfast of a freshly baked croissant and Lao coffee at Café Croissant d’Or will only set you back about 20,000 kip (US$2.50)


How to get there:

On Maps, go to Café Croissant d’Or      NB: This is the correct position on the corner of the lane, not as currently marked on Maps.


For the Curious:

Lao has over a 100 year heritage of coffee cultivation. It was first planted by the French in 1917, (Arabica and Robusta beans), on the Bolaven Plateau in Champasak Province in the South. It is still grown in the region today, and these high quality beans are now Lao’s 5th largest export.